Draft Qualitative requirements (QRs) forwarded by CAPFs are uploaded on the website of MHA as well as CAPFs for 15 days to receive comments of vendors and possible manufacturers to ensure market availability of the subject item. It also ensures that QRs of subject items would be generic in nature and not vendor specific. Hence, wide publicity of draft QRs to possible stakeholders/vendors is desirable.
Draft QRs and Trial Directive

S.No   Name of item
1 : Draft QRs/ Specification for Router
2 : Draft QRs/ TDs of Mobile Security Management System
3 : Draft QRs/Specification of Cooling Scarf
4 : Draft QRs and TDs of HF Manpack transceiver
5 : Draft QRs and TDs of Static HF transceiver
6 : Draft QRs of Steam Cooking System Generator
7 : Draft QRs of High Resolution Binocular with Graticule
9 : Draft revise QR/ Specification of “T-Shirt Round Neck Disruptive Pattern"
10 : Draft QRs Technical Specifications On CISF/MHA Websites
11 : Draft QRs and TDs of Heavy Lift ROV on MHA Website for vendor comments
12 : Draft QRs of communication Hand Held Satellite Phone
13 : Draft QRs of 'X-Ray Baggage Scanning Simulator System (OTS)
14 : Draft QRs of IP Based CCTV System (Video Surveillance System)
15 : Draft QRs and TDs of Revolving Search Light
16 : Draft QRs of Vehicle Mounted
17 : Draft QRs of All Terrain Vehicle
18 : Draft QRs of Revolving Search Light
19 : Draft QRs of Integrated communication System (ICS)
20 : Draft QRs of Dough Kneading/Atta Kneading Machine
21 : Draft QRs of Laundry Machine
22 : Draft QRs of Fast Attack Craft
23 : Draft QRs of Hand Held Search Light (HHSL) System (OTS)
24 : Drfat QRs of Non Lethal Equipments for its RAF Units.
25 : Drfat QRs of Full Body Protector
26 : Drfat QRs of Global Postioning System(GPS)
27 : Draft QRs & TDs of UP-Gradation Kit for Ak Series Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny Rail)
28 : Draft QRs & TDs of “TACTICAL OFC”
29 : Draft Qrs Gun Shot Detection System
30 : Draft Qrs and TDs of Flexible Fiber Scope
31 : Draft QRs of Battle Field Surveillance Radar(BFSR)
32 : Draft QRs of Dough Kneading/Atta Kneading Machine
33 : Draft QRs of Global Positioning System
34 : Draft QRs of Laundry Machine