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This programme was started in the year 1986-87 for balanced development of border areas of States bordering Pakistan, namely Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan. During the Eighth Plan, the programme was revamped and its coverage was extended to the States on the eastern border with Bangladesh. In the Ninth Plan period, the programme has been extended to all the land borders in response to the demands of the State Governments and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Thus, in 1997-98, BADP was extended to States bordering Myanmar. In 1998-99 the States bordering China were included under the Programme and from 1999-2000, the Programme was further extended to include the States bordering Nepal and Bhutan also. The main objective of BADP is to meet the special needs of the people living in remote, and inaccessible areas situated near the border.

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